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Online Directory

Need help accessing the online directory? Look no further!

Looking for help with the online directory? You're in the right place! Scroll down for information on how to join.

One of the things that we love and try to do really well here at UCC is community. We believe that the Church was never meant to be a building or an event that you attend once a week for an hour. Rather the Church is the people of God all gathering together under the headship and authority of Jesus, living and doing life together as we follow Him. 

We are always trying to stay better connected with one another and because of that, we are really excited to say that we have officially released our online directory!

Accessing the online directory

There are two main ways to access our online directory, first is through a mobile app you can download on your phone called the “Church Center App” and the other is right here on our website!

For instructions on how to download the app for you phone, click the button below! You can also access the directory from your computer as well.

To be able to access our directory you must first be sent an invitation to join. We have already emailed these invitations out, if you haven't received one head over to our 'Contact' page here and let us know!

Once you have accepted the invitation here is the list of steps you will need to follow from there:

  • Once in the app select "Get Started"
  • Allow the app to "Use your location". This will make it easier to find our Church.
  • Select our Church logo "University Church of Christ"
  • Confirm this is your church.
  • Enter your phone number or email that we have on file. If you don't know what you have on file or if you get stuck here again, head to our contact page and let us know!
  • You will be sent a six-digit verification code. Enter the number you were sent and click 'next'.
  • Select the profile that is yours.
  • You are now in the directory! You're almost there, now you just need to update your info.

Updating your information:

  • Click on your circle profile at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on "My directory settings".
  • Select which information you want to make available to the rest of the directory users. You will know that you have successfully selected the information when you see the green check mark. When finished just click update in the top right of the screen.

*You also can change your profile picture, or update your information from inside the app as well. Just click on your profile picture and then click on your name at the top of the screen.